The Club

There's a wonderful corner of Indianapolis, discreetly tucked away behind a hedge wall and brick-pillared entrance, hidden at the end of a meandering drive through a manicured golf course, poised over the banks of the White River.


Here, as it has been for nearly a century, accommodating staff welcome you into an atmosphere of quiet elegance. Here, you, your family and friends gather to create special memories, celebrate occasions, relax and recover from the hectic pace of life. Here, you enjoy classic cuisine, perfectly prepared. From the golf course to the tennis courts to the swimming pool, here, you are at home, comfortable and secure.

This is Woodstock Club, a place quite unlike any other in Indiana. And for those fortunate enough to belong, it is a continuing tale of hospitality, family, tradition and value.

From its inception, Woodstock Club embraced children and families with an early president proclaiming the Club "a center of social activity for young people." That family friendly quality continues today, echoing through the annual Independence Day celebration where games and competitions, a picnic dinner on the manicured grounds, music and extravagant fireworks, even skydivers, lend a refined carnival atmosphere. It resonates in the kids and dads campout, the Faerie Queen Ball when the youngest ladies are escorted by fathers and grandfathers, and a host of events that create in children of the Woodstock family an ease with things gracious and social.

The nine founders of Woodstock Club shared a vision, a sensitivity, a prosperity that defined the new organization as uniquely refined, exclusive and elegant. Today, the Club remains all those things and more. Refinement is enhanced by a competitive spirit, exclusivity moderated by diversity and inclusion, elegance tempered with relaxation and comfort. Nearly 100 years after its charter solicitation, Woodstock remains a desirable and welcoming spot, conveniently situated, devoted to excellence, committed to continuing its legacy through the 21st Century.